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Jill Ferras

I completed my Level 1 Moksha Training in 2015.  I have been a Full Time Paramedic with the Region of Peel since 2003, and I’m a full time mom to two kiddos, Olivia and Owen! A back injury brought me to yoga to heal my physical body, but my mind and soul quickly fell in… More details

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Bob Pearson

Bob took his first yoga class on a bet in 2002 and has never looked back. Five years later in July 2007, he took the teacher training to help move his practice to a new level. A teacher (Michael Stone) once said during his training made a comment that stuck with him: “Remember you are… More details

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Tess Bernier

Often called an ‘old soul’, Tess teaches yoga with compassion, wisdom and grace. Her classes are challenging yet allowing, structured yet spacious, and deeply rooted in yogic tradition and philosophy, while evolved with the most progressive advancements in yoga pedagogy today. After completing her Degree in Sociology at Dalhousie University, Tess’s desire was to work… More details

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Shana Pereira

Shana has been practicing yoga herself for over 7 years, trying different styles of yoga throughout the years but always coming back to Moksha where she has felt at home. She believes whole heartedly in the wholistic and healing nature or the practice, being passionate about healing she is also a Reiki Level 2 channel… More details